Holland Hydroponics

Green & sustainable growing solutions


Holland Hydroponics is a solution provider that believes in…

Environmentally-friendly, low energy and sustainable

products with a clear focus on safety and top quality.

Our registered Dutch-American entity supports the horticultural industry striving for state-of-the art facilities and best practices to produce high quality products. We integrate fully automated irrigation systems and nutrient management computers with grow lighting, air filtration exchange, CO2 dosing, odor control, and heating and cooling where required.

We offer know-how in developing greenhouses and indoor operations as well as safe, secure and fully-equipped container facilities.

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The Holland Hydrodroponics Difference


Everything you need, in one place


Extensive network of premium partners


Innovation and automation at the forefront


First-hand industry expertise


Precise planning with in-house design, logistics & installation

“Rare I take the time to recognize a working relationship, but Holland Hydroponics has been outstanding! Not just in thorough follow through, recommendations & communication. Totally on top of every aspect till delivered & ahead of schedule: RARE in today’s business world! Can’t be beat!”

Stephen Brady | Club C California

“Holland Hydroponics is a company that is second to none in their professionalism, experience and knowledge base. They are responsive and forward-thinking, always working with us to find the best solutions and systems to enhance our projects' eco-friendly and sustainable models. We love Holland Hydroponics and refer all of our clients to them as they're trustworthy and the best in the business!”

Katherine Dickerson | Coachillin’ Holdings

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