Custom Projects

At Holland Hydroponics, we have a widely experienced team ready to help you overcome any challenge imaginable. Through years of experience in horticulture, a variety of engineering fields, and business we understand what constitutes a good and sustainable solution to efficiently fit into your operation. We stand for personal yet very cost-effective solutions for any challenge that arises. Holland Hydroponics is more than just a supplier; We strive for a long-lasting partnership with a mutual goal to make your operation the very best it can be, at the lowest costs in the market.

Some of our clients have already determined exactly what they want and how they want it done: in those situations we are happy to serve and provide whatever the client desires.

We understand that sometimes a job needs to be done quickly and at a competitive cost without too much hassle. The products listed on our website are available on short notice and even the products not mentioned can often be sourced quickly and cost-effectively.

We also understand that there is not always a solution available right off the shelf. For more complex needs, the full Holland Hydroponics team of horticultural experts and engineers is at your disposal to work with you on your new facility, or to retrofit a new system into your existing facility. Working with you goes further than merely identifying the equipment needed: we often help our clients create full room layouts and analyze climate scenarios, growing space aero- and thermodynamics, predicted plant behavior and other points that are vital to your success.


Procedure to Construct




Detailed plan and feasibility analysis on the construction and operation. 

  • Location selection
  • Area for operation
  • Selection of the crop or plant
  • Development of a sales plan
  • Calculation of investment
  • Analysis of operation costs and earning rate



Detailed plant design.

Design of:

  • Multi-layer solutions
  • Lighting system and diagram
  • Ventilation systems & airflow
  • Automatic control apparatus
  • Irrigation system



Room configuration for raising seedlings, supply of nutrient solution, lighting and ventilation.

Construction of:

  • Multi-layer profiles
  • Pipes and electric apparatus
  • Lighting systems
  • Irrigation system



Training on checking stability and operation.

Training on:

  • Factory facilities
  • Plant operations
  • Plant control
  • Theory and application of lighting
  • Irrigation system
  • Nutrient Solution auto-control System