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The right substrates form the basis of success for any plant. Holland Hydroponics and our partners have done extensive research and testing of a diversity of methods to successfully cultivate all crops and plants.

Nowadays a diversity of substrates are used for crop production. Apart from traditional soil, a variety of alternatives like Rockwool, clay pebbles (Hydroton) coco coir, perlite and vermiculite are used. Aeroponics as substitute for traditional substrates is getting more and more attention and hydro-culture has proven its advantages in nutrient intake and use of additives.

To make the right choice of substrates for crop cultivation it is indispensable, since it is where the roots will grow. The wrong choice can jeopardize a job well done. The choice of a substrate or method is therefore one of the most critical choices a grower needs to make.

We deliver a variety of tested substrates or methods, depending on the preferences of the customer. Characteristics like root penetration resistance, re-wetting rate, air and moisture characteristics and durability and phyto-toxicity are important; as are climate conditions and practical issues in cultivating. Cost of equipment and/or labor also play a role in the decision making process that should support the ultimate goal to grow plants.


We have a selection of nutrients to offer, based on practical experience and suitable for a variety of substrates.

Most plants need a main group of macronutrients, the essential elements for growth. Apart from non-mineral elements like Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, there are mineral nutrients which plants obtain from the soil of substrate used or added to hydro-culture or Aeroponics systems.

The basic minerals are:

arrows     Nitrogen (N)

arrows     Phosphorus (P)

arrows     Potassium (K)

arrows     Calcium

arrows     Magnesium

arrows     Sulfur

Although most crops are like any other and nutrient requirements are very similar, there is a difference. It takes knowledge and experience to understand when and how plants require certain nutrients at different stages of growth.

With our network in the horticulture industry and our own experience, we understand especially organic nutrients and the best ways to manage nutrient input for the different types of methods used in cultivation to maximize health and growth.

Our experience and knowledge of nutrients, boosters, conditioners and (biological) plant protection products guarantee the safety in the harvested crops.

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