Our Work

With our knowledge and experience we are able to support our customers worldwide. We offer customized and detailed set-ups and greenhouse layout designs to optimize professional horticulture.

We take pride in our precise planning to ensure that our customers not only get what they expect, but also in time. We provide our customers with the most accurate costs estimates for total or partial projects with specific needs.

Our team takes into consideration your specific compliance and regulatory requirements to create a facility that optimizes cultivation operations and maximizes work flow.

We provide exactly what you need through our sustainable production and sourcing.

In addition, we can assist with contractor services and can guide your project through to final completion as well as training and education.

Light Deprivation System

Coachella Valley, California
The Riverside desert cities are currently thriving when it comes to cannabis cultivation. New horticulture projects are being launched everywhere by innovative and motivated companies. Our client is leading the development of the largest Industrial Cultivation & Ancillary Canna-Business Park of the United States, providing permit-ready parcels, cultivation buildings and greenhouses.

Holland Hydroponics was asked to provide advice, greenhouse systems and installation in the second phase of development. They already had an existing structure for the first three greenhouses, so we took their plans and designed our systems to fit within the prebuilt steel structure.

CAD Drawings

Custom Facility Design

3D modelling is one of the most important tools in our design process, as it offers insight in how spaces will truly function and operate. We understand that in real life designs look different from how they looked on paper. By walking through these designs together with the client, it becomes easy to identify areas where improvements can be made.

Medical Cannabis Facility

On this Medical Cannabis project, Holland Hydroponics worked together with several established partners to develop a strictly compliant facility in a highly regulated industry. This facility meets all compliance requirements that Denmark authorities give to the Medical Cannabis market.

“Rare I take the time to recognize a working relationship, but Holland Hydroponics has been outstanding! Not just in thorough follow through, recommendations & communication.
Totally on top of every aspect till delivered & ahead of schedule: RARE in today’s business world!

Can’t be beat!”

Club Cannabis California

“Holland Hydroponics is a company that is second to none in their professionalism, experience and knowledge base. They are responsive and forward-thinking, always working with us to find the best solutions and systems to enhance our projects’ eco-friendly and sustainable models. We love Holland Hydroponics and refer all of our clients to them as they’re trustworthy and the best in the business!”

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