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Light Deprivation

Control natural light at the touch of a button.

Having complete control over natural light is essential for all greenhouse growers in a professional operation. Research has shown that accurate control of intensity and day-/night cycles greatly improves crop development and yields.

Our fully automated 100% blackout systems are the most popular solution for any grower working with natural light. Having the ability to precisely control the day- and night cycle for your crops is vital to making your crops perform. These curtains integrate seamlessly with your facility and take away variability from the natural sun cycle. Additionally, many growers use these curtains as a method to control radiation heat gain caused by the sun warming the greenhouse.

As a great addition to this capability we offer automated shade curtains, available in any percentage of translucency. These curtains allow growers to evenly block out part of the sunlight during the hottest hours of the day which prevents crop burn and excessive heat gain through solar radiation. Combined with the blackout curtains, this package provides you with all the tools to completely control natural light coming into your facility.